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Airport destruction


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We played this one today, and it didn't end well for the other team. I get what you're going for but it is a fine line and a hard thing to do to make it fun and balanced for everyone, especially when military vehicles are involved.

The best deathmatches (for us at least) are ones that are balanced and where no team will be able to gain a significant advantage with access to much better weapons (think advanced rifles vs pistols). This sounds rather obvious, but its a lot harder to accomplish than you would think, especially with forced and pickups. Most rockstar and verified maps are very poorly made and generally favour one team due to poor weapon placement.

What ended up happening in this deathmatch is that once someone dominates in a hydra, you can't take it down. Have you tried to hit a hydra with an rpg? A hydra will easily take out all the tanks, insurgents and helicopters as well.

With any spawn points, it's very important that you have imeadiate protection from potential enemies to prevent spawn killing. After a bit of experience making DMs, you learn how they work and what you can get away with but a good rule to follow is every spawn point needs its own protection.

What ended up happening during this DM? Our team took all of them out and destroyed all of their vehicles. 2 hydras were flying around and probably spawn killing every one. They kept spawning in the middle of the airport with no cover. Within the 5 minute deathmatch, we were almost triple their score if I recall correctly.

So as you could imagine, it was terrible for the other team as they were virtually defenceless against us.

At very least you should have owned and pickups so that you can use snipers or homing launchers to take the hydras out. I would have a look at the spawn points and try to place them near cover. Most props won't protect you from the hydras explosive rounds though. I would still put a lot more props throughout the area for protection from snipers and to allow a more tactical DM as opposed to an open run and gun.

Everyone will like different things and I can appreciate that, but it's a very hard thing to keep them balanced when military vehicles are involved.

Here is a different, yet similar scenario in border war. I partner up with someone in the buzzard, quickly take out their buzzard and we completely annihilate the other team (skip to near the end to see the score).

I'm sorry if all this sounds a bit harsh, I'm definitely not trying to be. I'm only giving you honest feedback so that you can improve the job and make it enjoyable for everyone.

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Agree with Scotty.


The map was also very laggy.  I think it was due to the numerous explosions going on at the same time in a general small area.  The map is very large of 16 players.  I get that there are vehicles there to drive to the middle of the map, but using vehicles in a TDM is a death wish waiting to happen.  Especially if they're vehicles on the ground.


Making some adjustments to this map, if you want, could make this TDM work better.  If you want air vehicles, maybe try the Buzzard and those gunner Insurgents... or Buzzards vs Tanks with the RPGs.


Personally, I'm more of a fan with jobs with guns on the ground and lots of coverage.  These types of maps (with tons of RPG's, tanks, jets, etc) never really go well for me.

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