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"High speed and Slamvan, all you have to figure out is when to start breaking. Simple as that."

Breaking Bad Job Image

RSC link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/Nce-FghNmEW3ayBN19V5LA


A simple figure of eight at Sandy Shores Airfield locked to Slamvan in muscle car class, to Mulen in van class, Dune in off-road class and to Cheetah in super car class. GTA weapons available.

Use it to rub some paint in a standard race with Slamvans or as a GTA race with one of 4 available vehicles.


Enjoy it (or not)!

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Added this to the FPV playlist last night.


I made the mistake of thinking it would be locked to stock Slamvans by default, but instead we ran custom muscle cars.


Is locking it something you would consider?


I see a lot of crew created races with instructions/intentions to pick certain cars, but they don't always get read, there is a way to lock it.

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I think it's because there is more than one class available.


Edit: Or due to having more than one vehicle available.

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Nope, that's never been an issue. There's tracks that have some classes open to custom cars and only one of the classes locked to a single car and as soon as you select that class, it turns customs off.


I can only check how I selected the Slamvan, wheether I deselected the entire class first and only checked the Slamvan or did I deselect every other car but Slamvan inside the muscle class. If latter I think it makes Duke and Stallion available too on PS4 and therefore opens it up for custom cars.


Can you try running it again and manually turn off custom cars? Then see what cars you have available to select.

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