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Loop the Observatory


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  • 6 months later...

I ran this race with sports cars.  It was a lot of fun and fast paced.  Not sure which class would be best for this track, but figured sports cars would take the corners smoothly.  Will definitely use this race again in the future and try out different classes.

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Sports and I think Coupes would be exceptional for this track.


I think there were a few Cps that needed some slight adjusting (can't remember which) but outside of that this is a very enjoyable route and a great place to build a race. It felt fresh enough despite this area being done to death.

: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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This was the first race that came to mind as LimeGreenGiant mentioned motorcycle series for the Race night. Never tried it with cars, but I enjoy it on my bike!

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... Not sure which class would be best for this track...


Simple, Motorcycles. :P



Cheers for the feedback guys.


My main goal when I made this track was to make one for motorcycles where Akuma could shine and one that doesn't require you to wheelie 80% of the track and these roads were perfect for this.

I've decided to open it for other classes as I wanted to race with cars here as well and never really found a long and demanding enough track for cars that uses all of the roads here. I've really gotten into racing these country roads lately and can't get enough of them.


So yeah, it's not really intended for cars and I've just opened it up for myself really. Selfish I know. :lol:

That left turn into the tunnel is not quite the same in a car for example, but extremely exhilarating on a motorcycle.


Mind you, I've left the small/motorcycle grid in, since it's a non-contact race anyway and just added other classes so they are available if I feel like racing on these roads.


I was also never quite satisfied with CPs going uphill towards the tunnel and I've noticed that jump after the tunnel catches many off-guard too, not sure if that's a CP issue or just a terrain issue.

But as far as I know, there's no misleading CPs and they are there to indicate any turns/corners.

If you have a specific CP in mind, let me know, but it's a bit tricky to adjust some of them since I've utilized the trickiest section twice in the same lap, therefore some compromises had to be made.

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