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Prison Riot


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"Prison management has tried hard to keep both rival gangs in separate yards by sealing them off, but they all got a hold of some knives, killed some guards and all hell broke loose. Guards dropped their weapons, ran off and left both gangs to fight it out until riot control unit can get here. Will you end up in a body bag or solitary confinement? You better find a weapon fast and find a way into the other yard if you don't fancy the body bag option."


Forced weapon: Knife


Pickups: SMG, Carbine Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Combat MG


Set to 2 rounds to win by default


RSC link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/gZBBTDuD9UOOlKJyKTTQcg


You start with nothing but a knife, so your first priority is to find a better weapon. SMGs are available on top of 3 prison cell blocks on each side, 6 total on each side, easy to get to before you run into any enemies. 1 Sniper rifle is available on top of both yard towers, Carbine rifles are available on rooftops in the central part of the prison, while 1 Combat MG is at the end of the inner yard and 1 in the guard house outside the prison.


I hope this doesnt turn into who can run faster to the Carbine rifles locations, as the distances are not completely balanced with both yards being a bit different in size and shape. Team 1, starting in the bigger yard, is at a slight disadvantage as distances to every weapon are slightly longer. They do however start closer to one of the Prison buses if they can take advantage of that. 2 of them (buses) are placed in both yards, use them however you want, to drive around, as mobile cover or perhaps as a climbing ladder. By default there is no way out of the yards except over the rooftops and once you're outside you will have to go through the inner yard to get back in or use your imagination and the prison bus parked outside. ;)


I really hope the map offers enough room for different startegies and tactics, I have only placed some cabins around the yards to offer some protection when running around and completely sealed off both yards where there were openings into the other yard or to the outside road loop.


I wouldnt be surprised if this one ran for the entire time limit (10mins as default) with both teams still standing.



Any feedback, positive or negative and/or suggestions are welcomed as usual.



Enjoy it (or not)!

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This was fun.  I liked that we had to work for the guns.  Starting out a LTS with a melee weapon was interesting.  I would definitely play this again.  :)

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Heh, I wanted to give it thumbs down, but didnt have a chance. :lol:


Not sure how well those pickups work in actual gameplay. Knowledge of prison layout is also a must for this one.

While I did want players to take some time and find a gun, I don't want anyone to be without one, so I might move those SMGs somewhere else.

Carbine rifles (at least 2 of them) are there to actually encourage everyone to go there, as that's how you get into the other yard.


Looks like DC knows the prison layout pretty well, I found him going for the Combat MG in the 1st leg, but wasnt succesful at killing him and I wanted to sneak out into the guard house and camp there with a Combat MG in the 2nd leg, but he was already on the outside and surprised me.

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A great Idea Z.


But I'm sorry to say I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped to yesterday.

The reason: the first round I ran around trying to find me some weapons and when I found the MG I couldn't get in to it... so I ran upstairs and met Profane on the higher level, he kicked me 2 times in the leg and I died  :huh:

Second round I was on weapon hunting yet again, this time I found some smg and was very happy, little did I know that I was the last man on our team and got killed before I even could use my gun :lol:


As you see it's not your fault that this didn't work for me, I just don't know the prison layout good enough and was running around like a beheaded chicken...


Definitely want to try this a few more times :) 

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Lol yeah I have a bit of knowledge of the prison, I have played a few DM's here and there is a R* LTS here (I think).


I grabbed a couple of carbines and MG's quite easily but I think there should be a pistol starting weapon and more pickups, we played this with 10 people so I can imagine that ammo would be even harder to find with a full lobby.


I enjoyed it and it has potential to become even better.

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