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2 to 20



Team Deathmatch


The authorities have come at the request of Maze Bank to evict these residents who have been foreclosed on. Famous last words were -Over my Dead Body!-


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Likes this one a lot Dodge, really liked it.  

Only thing I would change would be to get rid of the spawn points on the pier.  No fighting took place here and it was just a pain spawning there and having to run back to the action all the time.  I get killed a lot so I probably experienced this problem more than your average DM player!  :lol:

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I had the same gripe regarding the pier. If you can somehow come up with a way to avoid it (place the spawn elsewhere) it'd be good. Perhaps this would be a better location for the Grenade Launcher as well. Was a little difficult to make use of the sniper though because it's so close quarters IMO.


Fun little location though.

: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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I hated spawning on the pier as well, all sorts of problems there, from falling in the water, getting sniped almost instantly, etc. Maybe if covers there were high enough and there was a sniper there, ... But I'd rather see that part gone entirely. Once I spawned somewhere else, I decided to camp just to not get spawned on the pier again :lol: Staying way back behind a car wreck I made it alive through the rest of the TDM and 3 or 4 came close enough for a kill.


I experienced some weird spawning above the place too (on the road?), got spawn killed almost immediately once and I spawn killed someone as well. Maybe put them back a little or get some cover up there too, dunno.


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I think it can be improved. I like your TDM's, but this one is a little small for the firepower.

The spawn points are so exposed and the game was giving me the same spawns over and over, I either spawned on the road up top, or on the pier, either way a launched grenade killed me a few seconds later. It's also easy to camp the spawn points on the entry to the map (near the gate) if you hide behind the corner of the first building, too easy in fact and the spawns near the gate seemed to be the most used for my team.

I could see people spawning when I was on the road up top, I was able to still shoot them even when the game doesn't wanna auto-aim, so that suggests that the weapon and map size don't work together.

If you're gonna get 20 people in here then it'll need something changed, because 20 won't work even with just SMG's IMO, it's too small and most of the terrain can't be used.

What I'd probably do is keep it at 20, change the weapons to something with less range (not an automatic might be best) so the spawn points become safer, then change the grenade launchers to grenades/stickies/proxies. Stickies might be best to deal with the armored trucks.

Of course, I've never made any DM's, so maybe someone else can give advice.


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