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Game Is Unplayable on Ps4 Pro with Motion Blur


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I cannot for the life of me understand why console players still don't have the option to disable this awful motion blur. I can't play rdr2 for more than a couple hours without developing a horrendous migraine behind my eyes. There are no graphical settings that can be changed on console and it absolutely baffles me. 


Why would you want your players to suffer like this when they're just trying to enjoy your game? I recognize that it's a small minority of people who are affected, but if last of us 2 can bend over backwards to accommodate physically handicapped players I don't understand why the hell Rockstar can't give us an option to disable this eye melting mess. 


And before you start it is not my display or the frame rate. I marathoned dark souls remastered for 8 hours a day at 30 fps on same ps4 pro with the same television and not an ounce of eye strain or migraine feeling.


It makes no sense whatever that this game is now 2 years old and we still don't have to option to turn this garbage off. Console players are a huge market and there's no good reason not to patch in a slider for motion blur and chromatic aberration 


I am very upset as there is currently no way I will be able to continue playing rdr2

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Firstly, just to be clear we're a gaming community, we're not R*. Always happy to help other gamers, but there's nothing we can do to fix things like this that require a patch.


I've never heard of anyone having problems with motion blur or anything like that in RDR2, so at the risk of sounding rude, have you had an eye check recently?

I recommended you visit https://support.rockstargames.com/ for official Rockstar support.

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Interesting. As I said, I've never heard of this problem before, so I've learned something new. Unfortunately though, if this is something that's drawn people to petition for R* to make a patch to fix this then there's not really anything we can do here. We're not R* and we're not affiliated with them, we're just a gaming community. Your best bet would be to contact R*s official support through the link in my last post and encourage others to do the same.

I hope they patch this for all of you guys, as gaming should always be fun, not painful or a struggle.

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