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I'm slowly building up my annoying compact races playlist.  :D

Here's the next one in the series.




"You might get laughed at when showing up in your compact in the hood, so just pick up a bucket of fried chicken at the drive-in and take the back streets, nobody will see you there. Or get a better car!"






Enjoy it (or not)!

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Add Muscle cars and I will add it to the NASCAR Series.

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Cheers Hatch, I feel honoured. Not sure if you've tried the track, but I'd strongly advice against using this track in the NASCAR series.

I haven't taken part in the NASCAR SERIES, but If I'm not mistaken you're using standard settings with contact and slipstream in the series.

Theres almost no room for decent overtaking and the race could turn into a proper mayhem at the ballpark loop, theres actually chance for mayhem pretty much at every corner.


I did add muscle cars to the available vehicles though, they're actualy fun to drive around this track, definitely more managable than sports, but the default is still compacts and non-contact.

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