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Rspains Introduction


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First let me state I am glad to be here and have already had the pleasure of playing with some of the crew members here. You all are great and I had a great time.

Well my name is Ryan Spain hence the psn id of rspain. Seemed simple for people to add. I am a 28 yr old Contracted pipe fitter for chemical plants from Houston texas. I love Gta Online and dont think i will ever stop playing the game. I love to watch movies and tv shows so please strike up a conversation with me about that and I will talk for days. I am a huge fan of soccer GO TEAM USA and Go BVB Dortmund. Also a big fan of any Houston teams. Generally for the most part I am a happy go lucky guy who just loves to play gta with anyone. I am not a great racer by any means but I try to have a good time. I don't know what else to say if you have any questions please just ask away. I am an open book. thanks a lot for your time.


-ryan spain (rspain on psn)

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Welcome to Domestic Battery, Ryan!


Good to see you made it here.

Before I can send an invite, you'll need to answer the following questions that we ask all new members.

  1. What time zone are you active in? (Ex. East Coast of the US GMT -5)
  2. What are some of your goals/reasons for joining a crew?
  3. For 2 weeks our tags must remain active (during Vetting), can you abide by this? (Afterwards you can swap at will but we should be your primary)
  4. Will you be able to attend at least 1 event and/or game with the crew once per week and visit out site frequently?


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1. Central of the us cst -5

2. to get to know everyone and enjoy myself, well that and become a gta master.

3 sure i would probably keep it regardless

4. i already have and will in the future.

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An invite has been sent.

We have events held daily over multiple time zones and games, so take a look at the calendar to see what's going on. Make sure you RSVP to events to secure your spot and to help the host when they put the event together.


When you have time please visit What do we call you?. This is also a good place for new members to learn the names of other members that may have difficult to pronounce or are otherwise confusing usernames.


See you in game :)


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Welcome. My name is Xyon14. PSN is jumbo67. I'm on the PS4. I am the Vetting Commissioner for XDBX. My Vetting Team and I are the ones responsible for new members, and their admission into the Crew. The Vetting Policy is explained in the Crew Policies and Guidelines, and be accessed by clicking the LINK in my Signature. Make sure you check them out. You will soon be contacted regarding Vetting by the Vetting Managers.

This website is the Focal Point, and Communication Hub for our Crew. It is an intricate part of how we maintain our integrity. So, Bookmark this website now, and visit it frequently.

Vetting Days are always on Wednesdays. Your 2 weeks period runs from the first Wednesday you are with us until the 3rd Wednesday you are with us. Depending on the day of the week that you became a member, your Vetting may run longer than 2 weeks. The days leading up to your first Wednesday count towards Vetting just like any other would. Your Vetting Period is scheduled to conclude on January 26, 2017.

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Welcome to the crew.

Saw your name around in a few lobbies recently, I honestly thought your name was rspain like 'Arse Pain', but actually I was very wrong :lol:

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thank you all for the welcomes. like ive said to be here glad to be here. Xyon14 so sorry i have not been on the website since signing up. these 12 hour days at work are killing me. I will add you tonight when i get on. also will try to get others added to psn that commented on my introduction. Again glad to be here and i plan on being an active member in the playlists and other gametypes. Unfortunately i will not be able to attend all of them because i am a huge sports fan and I am a big fan of my local houston teams. But i will try to get on almost everynight after the Rockets, Astros, Texans, and Dynamo games are over. But anytime there is not a game on that night i will be on. Again thank you all for the welcomes this is exactly the crew i have been looking for.

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