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Made as a GTA on bicycles so you can swim and run, but no weapons are allowed.

Starts on a floating platform just off the coast, get off your bike and swim to CP1. It's a fairly straight line but buoys there to help mark the route as well.

After hitting CP1 re-spawn to get your bike back and cycle most of the rest of the course.

At the CP30, the last before the finish and surrounded by beach flags, get off your bike, climb over the fence and run to the finish.


Swimming and running are definitely easier in 1st person as you just need to hold X rather than keep tapping it to sprint. Cycling can be better in 1st person, but restricts your view. So please leave the view settings unrestricted and allow players to choose 1st or 3rd person themselves. Swimming under water is also usually faster as it avoids the waves.


Obviously the whole course can be completed on a bike (has to be for a valid test in the creator) but the routes you have to take should all be slower than swimming and running in the appropriate places.


As the start grid is on a prop it can cause problems for the game. You may sometimes find you start facing to the side rather than straight ahead. Also sometimes the floating platform is spinning and / or you die as you spawn for the start of the race. But when this has happened in testing I have always re-spawned before the timer starts. So it shouldn't be an issue. (If we could make a GTA-stunt race this would have been a lot easier and avoided problems at the start. But RS* have either decided we can't have GTA-stunt races or it's one of their many random bugs).


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