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Prodigy's Story


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   Every story has a beginning. Every pro was once a novice, every veteran was once a private...and even the most well known players were once new. When you're focused on the destination, it can be hard the appreciate the journey, and that's what I had experienced on Grand Theft Auto Online. It all began with an ordinary pistol. On March,13,2014 I entered Online for the first time with the crew, Massive Network as my active crew. Immediately vulnerable of what Online had in store, I did what everyone did once during their time on Online and that was to grab a jet. Nothing really was accomplished afterwards and as the months moved forward, I began to play as a lone wolf. Socializing with others wasn't on my list because I was on guard of who was my friend and who were my enemies due to modders and griefers. Meanwhile, I'd taken interest in Team Deathmatch and regular Deathmatch as I spent more time in Online and that was where my interest sparked in. Joining a different crew called LANDEDD ITT HIKE (fan of Hikethegamer back then), I played to become great in Team Deathmatch and regular Deathmatch, while also grinding money non-stop. Improving in TDM/DM was what I cared for most, unfortunately it was the last time I would see the Deathmatch jobs at its prime.

   When the Capture was made available to the creator menu during April of 2014, I began to notice Cash/Rp Capture jobs popping into my phone, as well as ones for deathmatches. It was horrible. Beforehand, Cash/RP deathmatches were at an all time low, at the time it was "rare" to get those invites. At the time, I blamed the capture for giving some creators the idea of creating spawn-trap deathmatches that would today pollute invites, but I couldn't do anything about it. From that point on, I avoided joining deathmatches due to constantly being put into them several times in a row.

   During my time on Online, I played alone despite interacting with many players. Many friend request I accepted I was sure to keep the mutual friendship for as long as I could, however they never last. As the summer of 2014 entered, now in my rank 300's, I joined a crew called Team OG Apex where the higher ranked members played with Hikethegamer numerous times. It was a neat crew where I felt like calling home: people were communicating often and later down the line, the leader hosted a crew lobby for everyone in the crew to join. Taking matters into my own hands, I joined where I meet the leader, her friend SnoopCreature and Jimmy JJ for the first time ingame. The best moments in my life I would call it and the begining of my high point online as well. I befriended Jimmy JJ afterwards and from then on until November of 2014 we had a blast. Basking in the moment, I felt accomplished at the time and hoped that it would stay that way.

   October,2,2014 was when the Last Team Standing updated came out. It was where my identity as Prodigy was born. With the update came a certain set of clothing that when equipped, resembled a Scout Trooper from Star Wars. Me being a fan of Star Wars since Grade 2, equipped the white set that would countinue on today as well as symbolizing my future adventures on Online

  When Grand Theft Auto 5 was released for PS4 and Xbox 1, about everyone I knew moved on... Jimmy JJ... As well as many others on my friendlist... I was left alone again on PS3. As the 2015 past, I spent less and less time online and focused more on school. I would watch videos and youtubers enjoying Grand Theft Auto on the next platforms and envy them. Sure I could've gotten one, but many factors came into play: Parent permission, school, price, and taking into account that online requires you to pay. Knowing that I shouldn't let gaming hold me down, decided to search for people that still played on PS3.

   Fast forward to summer of 2015, Online had already turned into something... different. Deathmatches were polluted with spawn-traps, modders were everywhere and I was in the midst of finding legit players who I can trust and aren't modding. During my search I befriended a player who calls himself Geo, and he was a perfect player to befriend for me. He had to same interest as me such as PvP, heist and that wasn't all. He was also friends with people who take Online seriously, just like me. As I played with him and his friends, I soon became aware that they were familiar with modding. I hated modding. Long before I meet Geo, back in winter of 2015, I was a Platinum Member of Rockstar Support. I constantly browsed the support page and modding was everywhere. Even I experienced the wrath of modders and I harboured hatred ever since my first encounter with one. But one thing was holding me back from reporting him and his friends and that was friendship. Weeks into our friendship, I saw he wasn't like them, none of them were. Accepting them as friends, I didn't lift the ban hammer.

  On August,07,2015 I was browsing the GTA Forums in hopes of finding a crew, and that's when I found you guys. Joining the next day (August, 8), I was interest in what you had to offer. While TDM/DM wasn't a key of the crew, more PS3 members was all I could ask for, so I stayed. I felt like calling this home and it exceeded my feelings back when I was in Team OG Apex. Taking part in many events, I felt alive Online, I felt like I gained something. But as time flew by, events were being pulled of the calendar and so did the PS3 players one-by-one, some that aren't coming back. Each day that past, I was becoming more worried for the PS3 side, taking part in many crew events believing that the absence of members attending will cause the host to give up. This eventually lead to my determination for the PS3 side, whatever lies ahead, I promise I'll do everything I can to keep the PS3 side going.

  July, 25, 2016 is when I wrote this, now ranked 560. Going out of my way to advertise the crew via playlist is what I can do. I have to keep doing as much as I can before Grade 12, before University. Looking forward, I plan to interest as much randoms as I can before then. By the time I reach Grade 12, the controller is being put down and I'm going to be near-dead on PS3. By then, I hope I leave knowing I did something good.


*Adventure Log #1: A few weeks before this, I was in a Crew vs Crew freemode event. My friend Geo and two other friends of his were fighting modders and I was called in to help. Unfortantely since I don't use mods, I died a lot to them. To make it more worse, Geo and one of his friends lagged out and it was me and his friend Patg_. It was a losing battle, and I ended up rage quitting. Messaging Geo that I give up on helping him fight modders, we shared stories and I managed to convince him that modding is wrong. It felt good, and I hope I get to play with him in heist and such.

Edit: What does my main outfit symbolize? It symbolizes how long I've been online. Every adventures I had with it gives my nostalgia when I have it on.   

Edit #2: I was a few days off of when I joined XDBX. August, 9 was when I found the crew and August, 10 was when I officially joined.

Found my outfit in Snapmatics I took several months back:


Platinum Member 


Now what's your story?


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The vertex form is helpful because it tells you the location of the vertex (h,k); (x,y)


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On a console far, far, far away...

I had visited Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City-- twice, the last visit to Liberty City multiplayer got me addicted to all the Deathmatches and is where this current journey began. 

On November 2, 2011 this dropped: 

I watched that for the 1st time and said to myself in amazement, "We are going to be able to Deathmatch in that world?!!!!! No F'en Way!!"

But it would be a 2-year wait. Every GTAV teaser made me want to sharpen my DM skills to the fullest to be prepared for GTAV Online.  I played GTA 4 Deathmatches right up until September 16, 2013. 

Then on September 17, 2013, I celebrated my birthday by picking up Grand Theft Auto Five. A bit disappointed that I would have to wait a month before I would be able to Deathmatch with the world again. 

I played the story mode and supplemented my DM withdrawal with Gang Attacks there.  l got about 55% complete when October 2013 finally arrived and I would not return to story mode for a long time and usually only due to online servers crapping their pants. 

My earliest most vivid "Free Mode" memory came a day I was robbing stores to make money to buy my first apartment, I was walking to my first stolen vehicle (the one we got to keep), an orange Bravado Buffalo, more on that in a bit, this guy approaches me in a car and I instantly aim the shotgun I had gotten from a cop at him and I hear in my headset, "NO, NO, DONT SHOOT MAN! I come in peace." I did not have my mic on at the moment, so his sincerity made me lower my weapon and I watched him get out of his car and walk towards me unarmed, as I went to turn the mic on, he pulls out his shotgun and shoots me dead. I watch him drive away in the Wasted screen and never trusted a soul after that for a long, long time and learned to live in Passive as I grew tired of chasing people across the map for killing me while I was trying on a F'en hat. lol.  

Deathmatches became my addiction. While most people were doing missions to buy apartments and cars, I was in Deathmatches trying to unlock my DM tattoos. The struggle was real early on as I was not aware of the "Aim Setting" having to be changed in Story Mode for Online. But once I got my settings down, I was on a mission to unlock the Grim Reaper and Burning Heart tattoos. In the meantime, I earned enough through missions and Deathmatches to buy my first apartment and I wasn't going to settle for anything but the one I wanted. Then I bought a few cars I really wanted like the Obey Cabrio 9F (I still have it) and Cheetah (still have it). A Funny thing happened a few days after I bought the Cheetah....I suddenly became a Billionaire through absolute no fault of my own. 

$4 Billion Dollars dropped into my bank account while I was buying a soda. I couldn't believe it and I began asking questions and was told not to spend it because i could get banned. So I kept grinding until someone leaked that R* was going to reset all the bank accounts but we would be able to keep things that were purchased. You know I went on a spending spree as I started a second character and life was awesome. The bank account reset happened and it was back to getting those tattoos and now I had a second character to worry about.

Then old-gen made way for the next-gen , blah blah blah.

At Rank 300, I retired my first character and began using my second character exclusively and now he is at 400+. 

Here are some pics from my PS3 Snapmatic (sorry for quality, I guess cause they are from PS3) of my early days in Los Santos. I don't have many Snapmatics but these are some I would hate to lose. 



My first selfie in Los Santos. I was still homeless here.

 Ironically, IRL I don't take selfies. I'm a huge fan of Friday the 13th and I wore that mask for a long time and only stopped using it once they changed the design, it has the dumb lightning now. This was closer to the film version, so yeah, they ruined it for me. 



This is my brother, Sucio06. We were supposed to become a devastating Deathmatch duo but then his wife had a baby and he stopped playing and that left me to go about it solo for a long time.



First time I came across the fine ladies of the Los Santos nights. Still have never paid for a sex act in the game. lol. Then again, I have never been to the cinemas in the game either. One of these days I will.



The day I bought my most desired property: Richard's Majestic 51. I still own it. As you can see, I had chosen Lime Green as my crew color mainly because it was $25,000 at the LSC and i had not unlocked it, so I got it for free and didn't have to wait.




A pic of one of my earliest collections. The red Cabrio 9F was my proud and joy. You can see the orange Bravado Buffalo in the back, that was the first car I jack'd and got to keep. Had I known that, I would have picked something else, but some folks got stuck with station wagons. lmao. I got rid of it a long time ago but I am so glad I took the time to take this useless pic as now it is personally nostalgic.



That original 9F in it's final form. I still enjoy driving it whenever I log in with my first character.




Christmas Eve 2013, Santa Drunk AF!




Just an ex-billionaire Santa getting into his million-dollar sleigh during the first ever snowfall. Man was that cool! 


*So fast forward to today...

I achieved my goals of unlocking all four Deathmatch tattoos for both my characters. That's all I wanted to do from the first day I went online. Everything else has just been bonus material for me-------needless to say, it still is and has been an awesome ride. 

But my biggest achievement in GTAV has and will always be meeting amazing people from all walks of life, ages, and different DNA------- and that achievement continues here.

@Prodigy_Rocks_ thanks for giving me a place to immortalize these pics. 

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