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I was having a look at my crime stats in the RSC just to see how I am doing these days. As most of you know I do like my wanted levels and killing the law :blush:. I was wondering how everyone elses stats are these days...

Time Spent Playing GTA: 99d 8h 6m 52s

Cops Killed: 25.8K

Noose Killed: 23.4K

Wanted Levels attained:19K

Wanted Levels Evaded:11.2K

Time Spent with wanted Level: 6d 20h 56m 19s

Longest Wanted Level duration: 54m 51s

Time Spent with a 5 Star Level: 2d 19h 55m 41s

Tires Shot Out: 38.2K

Vehicular kills: 10.3K

Bikes Stolen: 10 <---- Not much of a thief though ;)


I am just 3 hours and 4 mins away from a solid week of being wanted by the police.

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Time Spent Playing GTA:  66d 8h 55m 56s

Cops Killed:  12K

Noose Killed:  2,215

Wanted Levels attained: 26.4K -funny that I have more wanted levels attained than you but have killed way less cops :)

Wanted Levels Evaded: 5,975

Time Spent with wanted Level:  3d 0h 43m 28s

Longest Wanted Level duration:  0d 0h 26m 22s

Time Spent with a 5 Star Level:  0d 13h 19m 38s

Tires Shot Out:  30K

Vehicular kills:  2,055

Bikes Stolen:  0 - I feel I must steal one now

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This one surprised me. 

Distance traveled running  2,503.54 miles

That is a lot of running. Almost 100 marathons.

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