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If you had intro music whenever you walked in a room, what song would it be?


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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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When my 03 Mach1 was still a street car in race clothing, I raced it in the Fun Ford Weekend drag racing series nation wide. I would always CRANK ZZTOP's La Grande coming up to the burnout box when eliminations started.

The only time I changed it was when I was in the finals with the current champ at the time. He had been talking crap the whole damn day to everyone....not his usual behavior. So when all the classes were  in the staging lanes for the finals, I went over to him and his crew and announced that I was going to F*CK him hard in this race.

So when I pulled up to the burnout box I played something different. And instead of normally shutting it off before staging, I let it continue! :COOLGLARE:

Pearl Necklace :CRAZY:

I tree'd him, cut a .003 light and ran my number within .006. A couple years later, we found ourselves in the finals together again. I asked him if he wanted another "Pearl Necklace". He said "hell No!", so I played "Tube Snake Boogie"! So I gave him another "hard time" and won that race also!

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I only grow in living soil!
Because Fat Buds Matter!

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