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Cannonball Challenge


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Created as a "cannonball" race for Saturday Racing League. Intended to be less about racing skill and more about map reading, route planning, staying alive, evading the cops, and luck!


Recommended settings:

  • Mode: GTA 
  • Vehicle: Cycles [Locked to BMX]
  • Traffic: ON
  • Wanted Levels: On
  • Catchup + Slipstream: Off


Also works with motorcycles [Locked to the Akuma] as a Standard / Non-contact race.


DO NOT run cycles with traffic and GTA mode off - they are both needed to enable the theft of cars. 30 miles on a BMX will take a very long time! 

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6 minutes ago, Squirrel said:

Is this a bike only race or is it gta so you can steal cars and use them?

It's GTA so you can steal cars. I'll clarify the OP.

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Love it! 

I've yet to create a race but when I do this was something I had in mind.  A sort of make your own route type of race.

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