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Just like the title says, it was a van race, but the track is too fast to waste running vans. Default is Supers cars, but anything fast is fun. GTA is also avl as there are a few crossovers. there are no speed boosts, only rockets so the leader has a chance of being caught. It is set to Non Contact but any mode will do depending on what you want to do.


1)     5:01:237   Bikes                 Akuma

2)     5:10:244   Supers              T20

3)     5:17:279   Sports               Elegy

4)     5:26:859   Sedans             V12 Armoured

5)     5:34:038   Off Road Bike   Sanchez 2

6)     5:38:240   Coupes             Cabrio

7)     5:40:173   Muscle              Sabre Turbo

8)     5:40:402   S/Classic           Stirling GT

9)     5:45:360   Off Road Car    Brawler

10)   5:53:052   SUV's               XLS Armoured

11)   6:14:640   Compacts         Rhapsody

12)   6:21:279   Vans                Gang Burrito

13)   6:26:081   Utility                Sadler 

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