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One of my favourite creations, based on the Nordschleife with the famous carousel and ending with a massive straightaway. Can you beat the 8 minute mark? It hasn't been done yet but I believe it can be done if I'm only 3 secs or so off it ;)

GTA is avl. for Pit Lane only. It would be a great endurance race.


1)     8:02:644   Supers                X80

2)     8:03:640   Bikes                  Bati RR

3)     8:14:519   Sports                Massacro Rc

4)     8:27:934   Sedans              V12 Armoured  (ps4)      DC89 XDBX

5)     8:40:083   S/Classic           Stirling GT

6)     8:44:558   Off Road Car     Brawler

7)     8:45:223   Coupes              Zion (ps4)                        DC89 XDBX

8)     8:45:825   Muscle               Sabre Turbo

9)     8:52:877   Off Road Bike    Sanchez 2

10)   9:18:656   SUV's                XLS Armoured

11)   9:42:879   Compacts          Rhapsody

12)   9:54:360   Vans                  Gang Burrito

13)   10:11:721  Utility                 Sadler

Just to show you there's really nothing in it between 4 cars. If you run all 4 vids at the same time you will see the X80 was last going into the straight.

It's a long track and easy to make a mistake so choice of the top cars (not the 811) shouldn't make too much difference. Pick the car you handle the best :)




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