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My 1st ever creation. Still avl. on PS3. Over 3000 likes on Social club. It used to be a crew favourite. Challenging race containing 4 stunt jumps, several ramps and 2 mountain crossings ending up with a jump down onto a pier! Plenty of time to make up for errors and a race that has gone down to the wire many times! GTA avl.

PS3 Link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/F70W7KvgcUmP_ovtc4xIBQ

PS4 Link : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/fsFdHg8ubEOrMMhBGBjTRg

1)     7:02:891   Supers              RE7Bsw

2)     7:08:731   Bikes                Cliffhanger





3)     7:20:142   Off Road Bike   BF400

4)     7:23:880   Sports               Massacro RC

5)     7:25:610  Off Road Car     Trophy

6)     7:40:294   Sedans             V12 Armoured

7)     7:45:999   S/Classic          Z-Type

8)     7:46:124   Coupes             Exemplar

9)     7:46:465   Muscle             Piss.Dom

10)   7:57:241   SUV's               XLS Armoured

11)   8:19:798   Compacts        Brioso

12)   8:57:558   Vans                Gang Burrito

13)   8:58:800   Utility               Sadler

Crew Challenge wk 92


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