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Boogie Woogie Buggy Boy


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There is a bug at the moment where customs cars may be available, with no option for the host to turn them off, even when they should not be an option on a race like this that is locked to one vehicle. If you do a race like this in a playlist then so long as it's not the first job the host can turn customs off. But if it's the first job the host does not even get that option.

Customs should be off for this race in all classes.


For now I have added the Duneloader to the off road class, so with customs off the dune buggy is effectively the only choice.

I have also opened this up to other classes, again meant to be locked to one car in each class,

Compacts - Brioso

Muscle - Burgershot Stallion

Sports Classic - Tornado

Sports - Tropos Rallye

Motor bikes - Endurro

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  • 9 months later...

Small update due to that the original was made on PS3 without the prop advanced placement now available on the PS4. So the machine box props on the hill have been replaced with barriers. These are just there to prevent you running over the tires half sunk into the ground there. You could get yoru wheels stuck on those so they need blocking off.

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