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Big Rig Racing


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"Get in the truck, hook the tanker and race to the base aka finish line. Watch out for diversion on the route. Not a capture but sort of a race."





This is more of an experiment, to see what's possible and how this actually plays out.


It is actually meant to be a race.

Everyone starts near a truck and has a tanker trailer (which is a capture vehicle) parked behind it.

Idea is for everyone to get in the truck, hook up the trailer (capturing the capture vehicle) and then race to the base / finish line.


You can wait for everyone to get in, perhaps even line up somewhere else (further ahead in a typical starting grid) and then call the start (chat is unfotunately not available though, because its a team based job) or better, once everyone is familiar with the concept/job, just do the Le Mans start as soon as the job starts.


Since you can only place 8 capture vehicles, it's also limited to 8 players maximum. 4 teams of 2 actually.

Traffic and pedestrians are turned off.

I've done my best to block off any (sensible) shortcuts, so everyone SHOULD follow the same route (GPS) to the finish line.

Race unfortunately stops as soon as someone reaches the finish line, so there's only a winner, but it's a chance to race the big rigs outside of free roam without the traffic and on a designated route.

If you die, you'll respawn in a truck near the starting line again, where new capture vehicles should also spawn.

FYI, team one (host) actually starts at the back. ;) (it's a reverse grid)



Feedback is very much apreciated.


If it works, I'll see if I can make some more interesting routes, perhaps with some other weird vehicles too.



Enjoy it (or not)!

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On the ps4 you can place at least 20 non gta vehicles, with a capture bag at the finish line you could increase the number of players. I don't know about the numbers on the ps3.

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