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Hi there


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Hi there,

I was looking for a mature ish Crew to join for some PS4 gaming and stumbled over your add that you guys (&gals) are mature gamers, so yeah I thought I'd give it a try and apply.


I'm a (well) over 30 Englishman living in Germany, I haven't actually been playing GTA5 for that long. I played GTA4 to death on the XBox but waited a year for the hype to die a bit before I switched to a next generation console. I picked the PS4 over the Xbox one..well because the XBox is just a set top family box...and the PS4 is for gamers ;-)


I like the Gameplay in GTA5 and am down for most activities ( even though I'm not very good at anything). Teamplay is the most important for me and the reason to look for a crew. Non Crew Teamplay is like...yeah...really....


So I would be happy to join and see if I fitt in here. I am a husband and a father so my playtime is not always under my control ;-) But I am on most nights from 8 or 9 PM GMT for 2-3 hours at least. I mostly play without a mike so as not to get too much attention at home, but can and will use it in Crew I'm sure.


I think I've applied to the Rockstar Socialclub Page but will have to check again in a minute. I will go back to reading the site here now and hope to hear from you.


See you all soon!

MrBump aka Bone Scott aka real name Chris



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Welcome the the home of the Grand Theft Auto crew known as Domestic Battery. We work hard to be a fun, mature, active, and dependable crew. We do however have some guidelines in place to ensure that we maintain the environment we have built.

Please take time to read our Crew Policies and Guidelines

Feel free to ask any questions, we will do our best to answer them. Please note everyone here is human and on occasion it may take some time to get your crew invite out. Normally this is done within the first hour of your posting.

Hope you get with the crew in game and have fun.

The XDBX Crew

This is a generated auto reply merely providing valuable crew links to help you become a valued member of the crew.

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Nice Intro.


Welcome. You will soon be contacted regarding Vetting by Lt's Banketelli, Xyon, Beez, Torrid, Squirrel_Army, ErnYoung, and LV_Jag.

Your Vetting Period is scheduled to conclude on July 1st, 2015.

This website is the Focal Point, and Communication Hub for our Crew. It is an intricate part of how we maintain our integrity. So, Bookmark this website now, and visit it frequently

Vetting starts immediately. 

Invite Sent


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Welcome Chris. I hope you're ok after the stumble. We are a fun crew and are all about attitude over performance. You will level up and get skilled very quickly playing with XDBX.

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Are there any restrictions on using the crew colours and logo on the car etc b4 you are a full member? My guy has a crew tatoo ( autozaptonewcrew?) And car design etc. I was in my own 1 man crew b4 just to see what settings and options it gave you.

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There are no rules on the use of crew color or logo, do as you please in that regard


The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Welcome to the crew, Chris.


I am one of the EU Vetting Lieutenants.  Feel free to add me on PSN.  My ID is the same as the forum:  LV_Jag


I'm a SAHM who games during the afternoons (evenings for EU), so I understand if you need to step away from the controller to wrangle kids.  :lol:

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Thanks a lot for the kind words all.

Looking forward to tomorrow's s event!

also thanks Jag, yep I'll add you next online, gonna hit the hay now :-)

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Welcome to XDBX, Chris.


Skill, rank & ability means very little here.  Maturity & a positive attitude is what counts.  :)

See you in LS.

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