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"Ride the tracks."





Looks simple, but it gets quite tricky at times and is actually much more fun than you'd think. Definitely a lighthearted track though.


Set to coupes by default, so those rich Windsor owners can try them out.

Watch out when going over narrow railroad bridges or when going full speed through Paleto Bay as it's easy to crash.

Whoever can keep their car ON the tracks will probably have the best chance of winning this one. I'm still convinced you go faster when all wheels are on the tracks (very hard to do though).


Set to non-contact by default, but GTA weapons are also available for a bit of dirty mayhem.

Set to just 1 lap. IIRC, lap is around 5min long.



Enjoy it (or not)!

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Ran this in the playlist last night and liked it. We ran GTA, sedans and 1 lap. I was laughing out loud on several occasions as my Schafter careened off a bridge. :lol:


I agree, light hearted track which should be run GTA or contact since it's more about surviving than racing.

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Going to run it in the PL tonight. Which setting would you prefer/recommend; standard, non-contact or GTA?

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