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Rebel With A Cause


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We'll be using Custom Rebels on Thursday. So what ever you want, but I need Off  Road. Thanks.


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Will be included in NA vetting playlist on  11/18 in commemoration of the Baja 1000 happening this weekend.


Seymor, you were just driving around dropping checkpoints to make this race, be honest. :lol:


It is frustratingly fun. I will probably use it again and for sure drive it solo just for fun. I used the Brawler this time but I think this race was one of the races that caused me to sell my custom Rebel after Dodge's Rebel only playlist. I just got tired of the unpredictability of the Rebel when you jump it.

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I think this race has a lot of aspects that work, but also a lot that don't. It's sort of a mixed bag and I found myself frustrated more than once. Fortunately a lot of what I found to be wrong with it is honestly simple to fix.


I didn't have so much an issue with the route as I did with some of the CPs. They're just in very awkward places. I recall some were right behind a tree or next to a prop/landmark/whatever that would catch you out. Felt a little bit sloppy in those regards. Stemming from that it often times wasn't easy to locate the next CP either. If I have to constantly refer to my mini-map for where to go next (because the chevrons weren't enough either), that says to me Cps need to either move and be visible or more need to be added here/there. So dealing with that will allow the race to be more functional for one and allow the route to be more fluid (it's herky-jerky in a lot of places).


Like I said, those are easy fixes and most importantly the route seems to be enjoyable. So taking the time to fix those issues will really make this a lot of fun and something I'd like to play again. Other than that I THINK the vehicle choice is alright. I didn't get to use the Rebel because it wasn't locked to that and most of the lobby had the Sanchez so I was forced to use that. I'll say that I do not recommend a bike for this course at all, that's not your fault but if this is intended for the Rebel it needs to be locked to that again.

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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