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Under the Freeway


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"When you come from the countryside and refuse to pay the congestion charge, you need to find another way into the city. Urban off-roading."





Locked to stock Karin Rebel. Route follows the freeway through the city. Nothing spectacular, just a bit of fun. There's an annoying factor to the race too.


Had several tracks saved for a long time now and decided to just publish them, perhaps someone will like at least one of them. :D



Enjoy it (or not)!

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Hi Zmurko,


I got stuck at checkpoint 8. I overshot the jump and landed on the freeway, so I respawned. But that just put on top of the railings with all 4 wheels off the ground so unable to move. After a lot of jiggling the car about I finally managed to tip it over into the river and get going again, but that was race over for me by then. I don't know if you can add any props under the checkpoint so if you do respawn there you're not stuck, or maybe take that checpoint out?


A race locked to the Rebel is never going to be one I really enjoy, but I like the concept anyway. :)

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Cheers for the feedback DJ.


I know I need to fix that section and I planned to "copy" what Dodge did there in another track that uses the same jump which I think works much better, but to be honest I never really got around to actually do it.

I kind of rushed putting tonights PL together and remembered about the issue when I actually got to that point in the race. Sorry about that.

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