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It's straight, mate.


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It's straight, mate.


A starting grid, a finish line and a perfectly straight line of checkpoints in between.  

Your Liberator is already pointed in the right direction.  How hard can it be?



Originally created for G37's Stock Vehicle Racing Series, but was never published due to it being a little more challenging than anticipated.

Thought it would make a perfect choice for Squirrel's Extreme Off-road Racing playlist, so here it is.  Enjoy, or not. 




Locked to the Liberator Monster Truck.

Point to point race for up to 30 players.

Non-contact as default.


Here's the map, in case you get lost.  :lol:



The concept is very simple, but creating this turned out to be way more difficult & time consuming than I thought.


RSC link.  http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/voyTiCOt7kyjPLbzyn00Rw



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This is quite fun and also much tougher than it looks.


Cool concept as well.


Added the required search tags.

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Thanks for the search tags, DC.  I always forget them.   :D


Yeah, it's definitely harder than it looks, but hopefully not so hard that it becomes too frustrating.

There always seems to be someone way out in front, and someone way behind, but the main pack seem to be fairly evenly matched.


The Rebel & Sandkings also work well, so maybe I'll unlock a couple more vehicles, just to mix things up a bit.

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