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I found this a bit amusing


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Wow so many other problems other then just using the different hand to change gears.

Does anyone know why we all drive on different sides of the road? Especially from the UK to Europe.. WTF were people thinking when they decided to make the same car the other way to sell to other countries!? Hmm


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That was pretty interesting. Still awesome to see any GT-R in the U.S other than the R35.



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Foreign drivers aren't hard to spot in the UK, they drive so close to the kerbs, often rubbing the tyre against it.


I've driven a left hand drive VW Golf GTI MK2 and I didn't like using my main hand (right) for using the gear stick, I feel much better using my right hand on the wheel while my left is operating the gear stick.


Foreign drivers also cause a lot more crashes in the UK due to the blind spot in the overtaking lane when on a motorway... Heavy goods vehicle drivers are by far the worst for this, they don't realize how much of a blind spot they have when using our motorways.

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