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Best locations for races with large grids


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I'm trying to create a 30 person GTA race with taco vans, but I can't seem to find a location that will allow a large grid for 30 racers.

16 seems to be the most racers I can get with a large grid.

Any thoughts/tips/etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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Any area will do as long as it is wide, long and especially FLAT enough.


For non-contact races you can have a very compact grid which opens up a lot more possibilities. But for standard it can be a real pain to find a suitable place. Best spots would be big parking lots, freeways, SS airfield and such.

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Thanks for the replies.

I'm gonna hit the rack for a few hours, then give it another go. Hopefully I won't get any CE-12356665 errors again.

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