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The Walking Dead Survival (Work in progress)


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After my 1st vetting session earlier I realised all the content I created during my PS3 days isn't really up to scratch compared to the level of gameplay I experienced earlier.


I always try to do something a little different with my content so I'm in the process of developing a Walking Dead themed capture, so far it's a major work in progress and I want to see if the concept will work as a battle before spending a lot of time on creating everything to the last detail.


So far I have found a one street town very similar to Woodbury in the third series of the show, I've blocked off both ends of the street using wrecked buses & fences.


Outside the town are pedestrian actors, mainly tramps, hillbillies & hookers for that grungy feel, each of these actors are highly aggressive knife wielding infinite respawning maniacs to represent zombies.


The aim for the capture is to try and fight through the zombies outside the barricades in order to get inside the sanctuary of the town while only armed with a knife, in the centre of the town there is a bag with a pistol by the side. You need to try and beat the opposing team to either the bag or the gun whilst fighting off the zombie hordes.


At the moment I have just a single pistol being made available as I don't want it to become a shooting contest, hopefully just the single low powered gun won't give one team a better advantage over the other, I also want to look at the maximum number of players allowed, I can only place 20 'Zombies', if we have the maximum of 30 players would it lose the zombie battle feel or just become a complete free for all. 


If anyone is willing to help play test this and add some tips for improvement please let me know.

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