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Raton Canyon Speedway


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Raton Canyon Speedway twist and turns its way through Raton Canyon. Drivers start heading inland before circling around and heading back to the coast to find a mini spiral, a long straight over the bridge, a downhill chicane and a tight hairpin before heading back to the finish line. This race is better suited to the faster classes of car.

Race around Raton Canyon on the Raton Canyon Speedway. This 2.3 mile circuit favours Sports and Supers with its open flowing sections into Cassidy Creek but slows down for the technical sections on the coast and under the bridge.


  • Link: http://rsg.ms/0a3cd3a
  • Creator: Junior-Chubb
  • Game Mode: Stunt Race
  • Race Style: Realistic Race
  • Route Length: 2.3 miles
  • Route Type: Lap
  • Players: 1-30
  • Location: Raton Canyon, Cassidy Creek, North Chumash, Pacific Ocean
  • Classes: Compacts, Coupes, Cycles, Motorcycles, Muscle, Off-Road, Sedans, Sports, Sports Classics, Super, SUVs, Utility
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Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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Bookmarks, looks good

The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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8 minutes ago, Hatch said:

Bookmarks, looks good

You should enjoy it, one of my fav creations.

Can you smell what the Stone is cooking?

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