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City Hall Circuit


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Thanks for the video G. Loved it. Wise choice of car too. ;) High speed cars dont have such an advantage on this track, you can even do well in a Sultan if you run it perfect.


And yes, it takes a little skill (throttle control) to go around few corners perfectly and track will also reward you for taking an optimum racing line. I find it quite surprising that so few people go on the left side before the last turn. If you do that, you can take that last turn really wide and at very high speed. I've left that entire straight before last turn CP free, so you have enough freedom and time to go wherever you want to.


It also actually works really well with just about any class.

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I love the Feltzer, always have. I got it specifically for tracks like this or ones that are a bit more technical where having the tighter turning radius is beneficial. I use this or the Massacro.


I imagine the Elegy would mop the floor on this track but I just can't control it no matter how hard I try. I'll have 1 good race with it out of 5. I'm much more consistent with the Feltzer and Massacro.

: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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