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City car chaos


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Wanted levels on?


Is there a certain point in this race where players will gain a wanted level?


If so, that's pretty cool but beware of the lag caused by the cops, traffic is usually bad enough with more than one player but cops can sometimes be a job breaker.


I'm looking forward to giving it a blast in my Panto  :).

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I ran this during the PL last night.  Fun little track and it worked well with compacts.  I had trouble in that one construction area of the tunnel, but that may have been due to my driving.  I'll run it again later to see, but I enjoyed this as a whole.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a wanted level and traffic was very sporadic, but that's an R* issue--traffic never spawns when we want, and there's too much when we don't want it.


Nice track, Pb!

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