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Sandy Shores BMX


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The streets of Sandy shores have been abandon for several years, vegetation has taken over along with a few locals that will protect their streets. This rainy night four teams are heading in there to find the missing cases.  The streets are so bad you will have to rely on the BMX to get around. 



Night and rain in Sandy Shores.

Forces weapons micro SMG

20 rednecks with micro SMG (accurate and aggressive)

40 micro SMG placed

Plenty BMX sitting around

Respawn on BMX

Most cases are placed on the rednecks, so kill them to collect the cases.

Deliver 4 cases to win

Large map, even with 20 actors i think the map needs a large group of players.





The creator did not allow me to have 30 players max, with 4 teams and 30 players it could not do the math and it was not possible to add spawns enough to test, so for now 29 max players. 

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This was an intense one.  Fun, but I found the rednecks were a bit too aggressive. I was already being shot at during the team loading screen.


There is also a redneck placed inside a porch. I think it is the one farthest to the right of the map. He can shoot players through the maze, but you cannot shoot back at him from the outside. Only way to kill him is to run in there while he keeps shooting.


This map requires indeed a good number of players to cover the map and to deal with the NPC's. 


BMX was a very good choice ! Personally I don't fancy cars very much in captures because they tend to clog up the map after a while. With cycles and bikes you can keep things a lot cleaner.




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I think by tweaking the NPC's a bit, you should be ok, really. Maybe give them a pistol instead of an SMG and lower the aggressiveness (too many ss's) a tiny bit. They do add to the spookyness :)




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