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Medieval Joust (raid)


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Medieval Joust

RSC Link: http://rsg.ms/fb2522f





Jump on your iron steed and grab your black powder lances. Impress your King as you joust your way to the opponents gold chamber. Best of luck returning the loot to your castle.









Sawed-off Shotgun

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I enjoyed testing this, and I think it has a lot of potential.  I think I mentioned it earlier, but I'd see about double stacking the containers to keep the action completely in the created arena.  It's not necessary, but perhaps add a couple of pump shotgun pickups as well?  That may be more a matter of personal preference, but all in all, this was a lot of fun and has a nice level of strategy involved.


Good work, Rabbit.

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This is quite cool and it has potential.


I agree about double stacking the containers, I'd also look at making the jousting area straight so there is no hiding and possibly more narrow for a higher possibility of a head on jousting collision (although I've never made a capture).


I'd also increase the minimum player count as it certainly has an element of teamwork involved that you won't be able to provide for yourself  :).

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You don't necessarily HAVE to double stack cuz I'm pretty sure you're borderline crossing the prop limit if you didn't already. What you CAN do is lift those props a little higher so they're floating somewhat in the air if you want to keep those (that's the ghetto option IMO) OR you can use the same cabins as you built the castle out of (or the one with windows or whatever it is). Don't believe you can climb though. Love the castles btw.


Definitely has potential though .. I think maybe just tidy up the props a bit so they look pretty (containers) and if you can .. add a layer of small (probably medium) ramps on opposite ends of the middle containers creating a "pit" of sorts that would really give the illusion, and the chance for mid air jousting and shotgun blasting.


I think medium ramps might be best as it'd give you some cover as well in that no man's land and be more fun.


Really cool idea though.

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Thanks to those that tested this with me. Though it was a good time, the object limit didn't provide the feel that I was looking for. 

I've completely redesigned it keeping the main theme. The jousting area is now about three times as long, straight and narrow. Castles are placed back behind spawn locations so you don't get spawned on top of when at the enemy castle. Castles now have "gates" to get in. Changed the vehicles to Hexers just for fun. I haven't tested, so I don't know, but hopefully you don't spawn underneath the bridge (*crosses fingers). 

I'm loving the new layout and taking notes and the play into consideration, it seems a lot better and totally awesome for a full lobby. ....just hoping you don't spawn on a cycle under the bridge.


I did like the idea of the ramps in the middle of the arena but don't know if I want to give up any of the other props (at limit). Also, I couldn't figure out how to increase the minimum amount of players but I agree that you need at least 3 per team for it to work as envisioned. 


Please give it a whirl if you're playing with a good amount of people. 


Thanks for all the advice. 

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We played this last night. Interesting concept and definitely a hard capture that requires some team work.


Unfortunately the capture respawning concept isn't perfect and I mostly found myself re-spawning under the bridge (few others as well). It's possible to get back into action, but it takes a while.

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