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Dry Laguna


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Second chapter of the 'Underbrake"

Straight forward, fairly easy track. Dirt bits will make you spin, a hard to land jump.

But the "S", oh the "S". Avid GT players will make the connection and will easily understand why that name when they meet the terrible "S".

16 players, any car.

2.96 miles, 2 laps clocking at around 4 to 5 minutes.

Top speed is the way to go here.





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This was really tough with the RH8. But it seems to play well. And I don't think there were any CP issues that were glaring at me. Nice job.


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Corkscrew screwed most of us on the 1st lap, but it does on every track that uses that road in the same direction I've played so far. It's almost impossible to signal that turn well with CPs, you just have to expect it.


It's a good mixture of paved and dirt roads, keeps you on your toes most of the time.

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