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a LOT of grenades.. that only 1 team gets bc once they secure the middle we can't get to them, then that team becomes grenade happy with better hiding spots


like all the places to take cover, just needs to be taller so we don't get headshot while hiding

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8 players maximum IMO.


We had more than 8 and the area was too small, we couldn't move anywhere.


Less grenades and different placement of those.


The cover wasn't tall enough.


Still had good fun playing it though.


Love the AP pistol.

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Nice location and full of action.

16 players will be way overkill, we where 10 and had problems moving around.

Must agree with much of what DC said and I would also consider dropping the shotguns, as long as the force weapon is the AP pistol, the shotguns are more or less useless IMO.

If you really would like to keep the shotguns I would change forced to combat pistol, this way the shottys would come in handy.

But I really enjoyed it, just a few tweaks and it would be excellent :)

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I loved this one. IMO keep the AP pistol, drop the shotgun (I didn't see any grenades!!) and keep it for a maximum of 8 like the guys said or maybe 12 at a push.

Good fun and I shot more than my usual 1-2 so a big thumbs up from me!  :lol:

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Looking forward to try it again Dodge.


Think I learned a few things on this one that I need to address to my Rat in a Cave that is in the same tunnels.

Haven't tested mine yet but can see that it fast could be over crowed after playing yours.

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Well the Creator now says this area is restricted. So changes are very one sided for now. No more grenades, no more shotguns. Reduced to 8 players max.

Thats all I can do for now.


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