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Do you ever wonder what your car goes through when you use a valet service? This race should give you a damn good idea.

This just a quick short lap race around the Crastenburg Hotel. Default is 5 laps as it's only a 0.69 mile lap. Set to sports class by default, but just about everything is still open. However, in the off-road class you can select the Bifta or Duneloader (I did this thinking it would persuade people to use the Bifta, but obviously any custom vehicle will be allowed) You can also choose a lawnmower, caddy, or faggio.


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I hope they don't do what we did with my car in the Valet. Anyway, the track was great. That security guard shack was my mortal enemy on this race.

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I was making a race in this exact area. Looks like I'm about 9 months too late :P

Go for it, man. Dodge has a couple here as well.

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