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RSC and GTA6


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GTAVI will release one day. I will keep this text short, hoping more people will read it.

TLDR; lets start thinking about future adjustment to this site for GTAVI.

We know almost nothing about GTAVI. Things like playlists and crews, much of what our activities in GTAV has evolved around, might not even exist. Yet we could plan considering all possibilities. We can focus on the site and how we can maintain and grow activity here on the site, creating a basic structure and organization that will keep shaping things as we get more info over time.

Examples of some areas that we could cover, no matter what the game offers.

·        Site admin (keep things online)

·        Site members (site users)

·        Game events (small and big)

·        Site events (non-game related activities)

·        Specific game-related areas on site (should be plenty)

·        Site and event marketing (to keep us alive)

Is this worth start thinking about already? What would you like to see or do? Is there anything we can actually do already?

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My main worry about GTAVI is what will the multi-player game be. If it doesn't have playlists or a creator it will greatly reduce my interest in it. Until we know that it's quite hard to plan.

But lets be optimistic and assume it does have both of those, we'd need what we have now (when working), an events forums &  RSVPs for playlists, a creators section with the same sort of subsections as now.

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From what you guys are throwing down, I’m guessing there are rumors that we won’t have crews in GTA6. So it will be more like open motorcycle gang type world? 
Like what GTAV is but without a crew system, we just join up daily, one day I can join a group downtown and the next in Paletto bay as an example. 

Have we ever considered merging with another crew that has lost members since 2013? 

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One way to go if the game dont have crews is to focus work on using this community instead. Instead of xdbx or vans having a event, we simply have events for the community. Kind of like we have done it at times. The biggest change without crews would be a possible lack of 2h2. But yet, looking at RDR2, will we even have playlists?

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I haven't heard any rumours about anything to do with GTA6. I'm just going on what is, or rather isn't, in RDR2 and R* putting "series" in GTA5 where you just join a bunch of random people doing a series of stunt races, adversary modes or whatever. They just seem to be moving away from crew based activities. It just makes me worried about what their plans are for GTA6.

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Don't worry about the website. I will have it fully functional again and ready for GTA6. We will need the calendar for events so we can use the RSVP feature again as I would assume we will see an increase in crew member participation and new crew members joining. 

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