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Dantes Inferno Drop Zone


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Rather tricky to parachute down and time your landing, and at the same time stay away from the walls.Β 

Top level - start, spawns and parachutes.

First level (red) - worth 1 point, but also has a stun gun πŸ™‚

Second level (black) - not a zone, just parachutes and a gun.

Third level (red) - worth 3 points.

Fourth level (black) - not a zone, but another gun and some parachutes.

Fifth level (red) - worth 5 points

Sixth level - death


How deep in sin can you descend? Its hard but rewarding, the zones deeper gives more points. Stay clear of the walls when parachuting. Hold on to your Up n atomizer.


Inspired by @omarcomin71Β πŸ˜€
Still need to test for suitable pick-ups/weapons.

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5 hours ago, Skorpion said:

Desending into sin... level 6 must be hell then. I'll take a first-class ticket to level 6 please πŸ˜€

If your b*lls are heavy enough you may make a straight drop, but remember to pull the chute in time!

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2_0.jpgUpdated this after playing it on Two Bros saturday. Its now 4*as ”wide” to ease parachuting and the levels to land on are spread out. I removed the default Atomizer and you now have to pick up any weapon you want to use. There is a Atomizer, Stun gun, proxies, molotov and knuckle duster.

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