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Introducing myself


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Signing up here in an attempt to get more out the game since i find myself bored sometimes.

I have been playing since launch but never played with a crew, last few months been focused on cars and building up my garage.

At the moment i play in free aim, but just to add something to the experience, and to avoid being easily killed just crusing around online.

I only play btw 21:00-00:00 CET since my family (kids) and work demands alot, I try to get at least one or two sessions a week, but it can vary. I have a mic that i dont really use since my friend stopped playing a few months ago. I would guess I am older than most ppl here, and GTA really serves the purpose of relaxation in contrast to the responsibilities of real life.


Im on PS3

SC: Johan_1224


About to add a request on SC.




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Welcome the the home of the Grand Theft Auto crew known as Domestic Battery. We work hard to be a fun, mature, active, and dependable crew.We do however have some guidelines in place to ensure that we maintain the environment we have built.

Please take time to read our Crew Policies, our New Member Vetting Process, and the Website Rules.

Hope you get with the crew in game and have fun.The XDBX Crew

This is a generated auto reply merely providing valuable crew links to help you become a valued member of the crew.

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Welcome to the crew. No doubt you'll have fun and enjoy yourself here. I really do believe finding the right group of people makes all the difference. An invite has been sent to you. Please take time to familiarize yourself with our site, policies and vetting process (provided by the post below you).


The details for your vetting period will follow soon, so be sure to check back here. Other than that, have fun and game with us as much as you can. We look forward to having you.

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: FIRE :


"If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder." - The Place Between The Pines


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Logged in and accepted the invite, will work toward getting online this weekend. I will also read about what to know as far as that process.

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Thanks, already feels more excited about playing online.

Does it work well as far as when joining online one is placed among crewmembers, or does that only apply to friends? 

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Friends as far as I know...but as long as you are are running xdbx tags you will get many crew invites as our crew is very active. Then you can send friend requests.

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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I am a bit worried about the times for the vetting-sessions since they appear to be scheduled around 9pm CDT which would be 4am in my couch. 

Any way to obtain the same vetting when playing 3-5pm CDT?

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Hello and Welcome :)


I've added you to my psn, when I am on later if I see you I will invite you in. We usually play on crew only servers you can join in an drive around and shoot anything that moves or you can do your own thing :) We all have mic's. Your time is only an hour ahead of mine so I will keep an eye out for you :D . If Matus is on he is in Finland so its all cool :D.  BTW I'm Jumbo67 on the PSN but the name is Xyon ;)

It does and we're not the oldest.
Age is irrelevant here






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Thanks, already feels more excited about playing online.

Does it work well as far as when joining online one is placed among crewmembers, or does that only apply to friends? 

Welcome to the crew. Hook up with Dani-elle92. she is probably a little closer to your timezone. Or Troysayshi. Both are in Euro timezones.


You Vetting Period is scheduled to conclude on 6/18/14.


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