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Hold: MurderCycle (DELETED)


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Four team capture at the horse track. Each team starts with Sweeper Shotguns in a small base with NPC guards, armour pickups, and motorcycles. There are eight packages spread around the track, as well as Compact Grenade Launcher pickups. Once the eight packages are collected you will need to raid other teams bases to collect more. The game ends when one team captures all eight packages or after eight minutes the team with the most packages wins.

I was unsure whether to use single seat or twin seat motorcycles due to passengers being able to auto aim. As of now, all of the motorcycles are single seat but you respawn on a twin seat Zombie.

Any feedback on the job or the best motorcycle type to use is very welcomed.


DELETED - Was unable to get the NPC actors to behave in a consistent and fair way. Hoping I can find a way to make a similar style job that works instead of just scrapping the idea.


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Deleted Job
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