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I was riding between my Motorcycle Club's Coke lock up to my Meth lab so much in free roam I decided to make a race out of it.

Motor bikes only. Quite a long lap (~10 km) but it's a fast race

With customs off just a choice of Shotaro and Hakachu Drag.

Leave contact on for slip stream, maybe catchup as well if not many people.

It's mainly on quite wide roads and as this is based on riding in freeroam it seems to fit better with traffic on, but that's up to the host.

The game mechanics seem to have changed recently and as far as I can tell crashing a bike no longer kills you.

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Changes made. The 2nd half of the route is different. Now a stunt race so collisions are not fatal. Trafiic is always on.

Game mechanics have changed and crashes are no longer fatal in land races, so this is back to a normal road race. The host can decide on traffic on/off and set weather to what they want.

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