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Hi my name is Fredrik and and im 37 years old, i have a recently become a dad so it's hard to match gaming ours, i play maybe 2-3 nights a week and a couple of hours at a time.

I've been reading up on your team and i would really like to join!

My PSN nick is Pixpox2, please feel free to contact me if there's anything you wonder.

Regards Fredrik (pixpox2)


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Hi Pixpox Thank you for you interest in the crew :) 

Before I can send an invite, you'll need to answer the following questions that we ask all new members.

  1. What time zone are you active in? (Ex. East Coast of the US GMT -5)
  2. What are some of your goals/reasons for joining a crew?
  3. For 2 weeks our tags must remain active (during Vetting), can you abide by this? (Afterwards you can swap at will but we should be your primary)
  4. Will you be able to attend at least 1 event and/or game with the crew once per week and visit out site frequently?
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1. I live in sweden so UTC + 01:00

2. Hm my goals? I have a coupple of friends who is in your crew allready, and it's allot more fun to play part of a gang

3. im not sure i understand the third question:) Tags active for 2 weeks?

4. hell yeah! thats why i want to be a part of this


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Welcome. My name is Xyon14. PSN is jumbo67. I'm on the PS4. I am the Vetting Commissioner for XDBX. My Vetting Team and I are the ones responsible for new members, and their admission into the Crew. The Vetting Policy is explained in the Crew Policies and Guidelines, and be accessed by clicking the LINK in my Signature. Make sure you check them out. You will soon be contacted regarding Vetting by the Vetting Managers.

This website is the Focal Point, and Communication Hub for our Crew. It is an intricate part of how we maintain our integrity. So, Bookmark this website now, and visit it frequently.

Vetting Days are always on Wednesdays. Your 2 weeks period runs from the first Wednesday you are with us until the 3rd Wednesday you are with us. Depending on the day of the week that you became a member, your Vetting may run longer than 2 weeks. The days leading up to your first Wednesday count towards Vetting just like any other would. Your Vetting Period is scheduled to conclude on February 1st , 2017.

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13 hours ago, Lann said:


Du behöver ha XDBX som ditt aktiva crew under hela vetting perioden,  dvs att taggen bredvid ditt namn in game är XDBX. 

Da fuq?!

Just kidding. Välkommen. Did I do that right?

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