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Essential questions (cars and garages)


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The musclecars had their place in Murrieta heights.
The finest looking cars could obviously be found in the stilt house in the hills.
On Supply street the livery racers had their storage.
Armored and trucks keept handy in the heist apartment downtown.
The odd but for race purpose needed vehicles could always be found on Unit. 
Bikes were found in the old gas station on route 68.

Now this new update with the CEO garages has turned this structure upside down.

I have been considering to organize them according to class, manufacturer or usage. Right now it is a total mess, its almost to the point where I dont even know where they are parked. I am leaning toward going with manufacturer as my primary structure, and I have already started on the Obey level in the CEO garage. But I feel a bit lost in this total anarchy. 

I would like to know how you guys handle this issue, i obviously need some advice.

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I have :

  • a Pegassi floor
  • a Classics floor
  • a muscle floor
  • a classic muscle floor
  • a sedan/coupe floor
  • a livery racers floor
  • a misc floor
  • one or two empty floors

All my SUV/Utility/ugly vehicles are in my various 2-car garages.

And the bikes are in the clubhouse of course.

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I just moved them from my garages to my office garage in the same order that they appeared on the list while requesting them.

I used to have them arranged properly, but since the bug that caused engine upgrades to be lost after driving a PV out of a garage, I no longer drive them out, and therefore never even go in my garages.

That bug has probably been fixed, but I didn't see it in the last 2 patch notes.

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