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hello guys, my name is sourav, but i go by the tag keksface_Niklas in gta online. i have been looking for an active and friendly crew where theres fun, instead of grinding for money 24/7. i hate hackers and modders. currently on lvl 146. i am interested on being a part of this crew, because this looks totally organized and legit and most importantly, friendly, which i have been looking for. if the moderators find me worthy of this crew, i will assure you that i will abide by the rules of the crew and will try to make it more fun for everyone. (i like hosting car meetups and other things on very friendly sessions.)

other than these, i am still a college student, pursuing to become an engineer. i love playing multiplayer games, CSGO, Battlefield, COD, TF2, The CREW, NFS, Fifa to name a few.

i am from bangladesh, if you havent heard about my country, its located in asia, google it up. XD also i hate racism, and i will not hesitate to contact the moderators regarding this case. lol.

finally, if you are a gamer, you are already my half brother. Cheers!!!

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