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Steal. Store. Repeat.


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RSC Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/7OoWgCWSYEa3yhFm6OWsCw


Inspired by my awful commute from office to warehouse, can be run as a regular race, with or without traffic. All classes are fully open with the exception of cycles.

Alternatviely, use GTA mode with traffic on, using the cycles class. Everyone will spawn on a BMX, and you must steal a car from the street to have any chance of winning.


Track itself doesn't have much in the way of barriers because the idea was to keep it as close to freeroam as possible so lampposts can be knocked over. 


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I can't bookmark this. It says it is on social club but it's just not there in-game. I've unbookmarked, re-bookmarked and started new session twice, still won't show up.

I notice there's secondary CPs but this is a normal, not stunt race. Could that be the problem?

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