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The Last of Us Part II


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When I 1st played it I was expecting to go through it nonchalantly. The more I played it the more it grew on me.

Putting down the controller at the end, I felt satisfied with the gaming experience and then I remember that I had

the expansion pack :) which is nothing less than awesome.


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Just completed the TLOU for the 3rd time, this time on survivor +. Now I'm planning to complete it on easy + so I can have some fun with the weapons. I'm tired of the stealth aproach, I wanna go Rambo style this time!

I love this game, can't for news about part II!!

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27 minutes ago, Fido_le_muet said:

Nice but where are Ellie and Joel ? 

Since the first trailer Ellie has really enjoyed playing her guitar and is now traveling the bar circuit in Australia under a pseudonym. They’ll be there (they fucking better be there :P

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