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I think I might be the oldest member... closer to 50 than 40, but not sure if I'm 'mature' enough for the crew.. lmao!


I love to race & i try to race clean.... but accept we're playing GTA

Iove survivals

like missions

my KD ratio is .96 or something but im pretty average at deathmatches

Occasionally i kill a few in freemode when I'm super bored.

I host lots of race playlists & due to the amount of low levels that join & the fact that getting more than 3 people to start one let alone finish one, i now race with custom cars off.

Come race with me sometime.... if you do it enough you'll learn the tracks too!

It's all good fun

That'll do for now lol!

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Welcome to the site rev, glad to have you on here. I have been hosting your Cunning Stunts a bit and I know you have been using my Grand Tour V2.0 (appreciate that)

Glad to see the News Bot welcomed you, you are the first real member it has had the pleasure of greeting.

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The funniest thing about this particular signature is that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything it's to late to stop reading it.


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Finally you show up in here man, welcome to the forum, I don't understand half of what you say in game and I presume you don't understand me either, awful sound on the microphones, but can tell you're an extremely friendly fellow.


I testify that racing with this man is pure joy, and certainly one of the best ways to get better at racing. Customs off is perfectly fine by me. 

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It's nice to see you around good sir. I thoroughly enjoyed the tips that you gave last night...and the ass kicking!  :o  I look forward to chatting again

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I am 37 I might be nearly the oldest...I make up for it because I have the intensity of a teenager whose instagram account was hacked.

I'm a few months older than you...

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Was having a trip down memory lane. I remember SS hassling me in a lobby to join the website.

I didn't see the point as i just wanted to play GTA with a good crew and wasn't interested in joining any website. (Remember I am old lol)

After 3 weeks i caved in a came here and took a look around. *Awesome* was my 1st thought.

Coming here brought GTA alive in a way i never knew would be possible and i just want to say thanks to the crew for accepting me back when we started out.

It's great to see a lot of my original welcoming party are still here with the crew.

Also it's great to see the Aussie side of things has grown as well. For a long long time I was the only Aussie here and finding people awake and able to play in my times was a bit of a struggle.

I really could go on and on and share some stories, but if you don't know me (since I stayed on ps3 so long many don't really know me) just read my OP as the only thing that has changed is CUSTOMS ON when we race LOL. Except maybe if you race my monster truck PL and you don't have a Sandking, I might make an exception :D

PS my KDR has dropped dramatically since joining the crew :( .... another thing that has changed LOL

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Welcome the the home of the gaming crew known as Domestic Battery. We work hard to be a fun, mature, active, and dependable crew. We do however have some guidelines in place to ensure that we maintain the environment we have built.

✔️ Please take time to read our Crew Policies and Guidelines

⚠️ If you did not answer our required questions in your introduction please reply with the answers to these 4 questions:

  1. What time zone are you active in? (Ex. East Coast of the US GMT -5)
  2. What are some of your goals/reasons for joining a crew?
  3. Our tags must remain active during vetting, can you abide by this? (Afterwards you can swap at will but we should be your primary)
  4. Will you be able to attend at least 1 event or game with the crew once per week, and visit out site frequently?

Feel free to ask any questions, we will do our best to answer them. Please note everyone here is human and on occasion it may take some time to get your crew invite out. Normally this is done within the first hour of your posting.

Hope you get with the crew in game and have fun.

The XDBX Crew

This is a generated auto reply merely providing valuable crew links to help you become a valued member of the crew.

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