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[PS4] Rockford Rapid


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If like me, you are not a fan of stunt races but do like the signage and start grids, then this might be right up your passage :D

What is it?

It is a non-contact land race using stunt props to make it a little more interesting to navigate and look at.


Did you add the correct tags to make this job easier to find? No, how do I do that?

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Matty, check out the Stunt race forum, this would be better suited there as technically it is a stunt race even though it's a non-contact race.

There's a system for adding non-stunt races. There's quite a few serious races in there now which are categorised as stunts because as you say they have some amazing race track props to use. 

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Cheers @Squirrel,

If a mod wants to move it they can as I can't and don't think i should double post it.  However it isn't a stunt race, it just has a stunt grid and props, there's absolutely nothing 'stunty' about it... No jumps, wall rides, head on sections or awful awful tube mazes.

I will make more 'non-stunt' stunt races so will check out the stunt section and post them there. I also have Lappin' it up in this section but it too has stunt props but isn't a stunt race, so that may need moving too.


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