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Heist farming


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34 minutes ago, mersy said:

Anyone up for this just add me and sent me a message  I'm sick of tryiMG to gt set ups going for 20 plus mins

You got it man. I got lucky they allowed me to buy the Insurgent last week or god knows how long it would have taken to get three people to unlock the insurgent for my 2nd character. I literally did every heist only once with my first character. I usually dropped out of Heist teams because I had $25M when the Heists came out and my original crew was filled with broke folk. So I always volunteered to drop out. 

I've always wanted to revisit them because honestly I feel like they are still new to me, hahahaha. So yeah, you got one here. I take it you know all the shortcuts and stuff?

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Heists are simple for the most part. I have only done Pac Standard two times and they were both while doing the mastermind challenge.

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