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Super Mario Bros. 1-1


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Experience the world of Mario from a new perspective in this re-creation of the iconic Super Mario Bros. level 1-1 from the NES.

Definitely not a typical race track. There are several jumps to get onto the tubes and other props, as well as an optional trip through the underground pipes that has a couple tricky bits. If you are unable to get out of the tube system, you need to drive around the inside of the tube over and over, until you reach to opening near the top. There are multiple paths to take, but a clean lap on any path will finish with a comparable time.

The race is supposed to be locked to the stock Panto, but the creator is bugged so the Panto and Rhapsody are available to allow for customs to be turned off. The host must turn off custom vehicles before the race, as they are far too fast for the track.

Still a work in progress. If anyone has any feedback or ideas for improvements, make sure to post them here.

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