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  • Read Only Crew  ·  22 members  ·  Last active

    The Van Society are a well established GTA crew focused on the PS4 for mature gamers who like to approach GTAO from a different angle to get the most out of the game. Since the beginning of this crew we’ve been hosting events every week and we still do.

    • doubleg213
    • Eser1985
    • JuniorChubb
    • Realjaysee
    • Hurst
    • Road2FURY
    • mulder
    • Mythaga
    • Spinnaker1981
    • AlexHat29
  • Open Crew  ·  41 members  ·  Last active

    The home of GT Sport Online Racing. Join us for weekly events, championships, random racing and crew challenges. GTRC is open to anyone with GT Sport.

    • Kansu
    • Crawford1872
    • YtDarkmxxnJ4K3
    • Mark Verstappen
    • Possyyyyyyy
    • Emin
    • joper88
    • CatManDoza
    • Florida Man
  • Open Crew  ·  2 members  ·  Last active

    Santa Muerte Gang es una crew creada por ShelbyGR-1 a finales de 2018. Realizamos listas de partidas centradas en el combate o eventos mixtos los domingos por la noche en la zona europea.

    • VALL_es
    • Shelby GR
  • Closed Crew  ·  25 members  ·  Last active

    The Devils Unleashed. From the core of the Devils Within, a crew first formed in the old days of the PS3. Then run by Boredudex, it was a rockstar featured crew which attracted many members over the 4+ years. However with a leader who became non active the crew was run by its commissioners which had some good plus points to it, as there was no one with absolute power everything was worked out amicably and democratically at the Devils council. Unfortunately a non active leader had its downside too, most notably the fall of the Devils Within when in March 2018 Boredudex rockstar social club account was allegedly hacked and all of the members above muscle rank were kicked and banned. This was a massive kick in the bollocks\minge to all our members. We were also well into a Clash of Crews on going league tournament at the time! With no crew and a big game coming up we had a week to get something together. We still had our PSN chats and community pages as well as our FB page. Using all our effort and skill sets and the democracy we had come together by we jointly picked our new crew name and emblem and elected a new leader. On the 28th of March 2018 The Devils Unleashed was born and a week later MCLETHALDOSE was elected as the new leader. After our first year under our belt as the UNLEASHED crew MCLETHALDOSE chose to step down as leader and the council elected Crazy Kay as the new leader for 2019.

    • DiirtyDOHC
    • Switchblade Eyes
    • Zv_SoulReaPeR_Vz
    • vercryger
    • Crazykay19
    • steeledodge07
    • KeeganDsouza515
    • DirtyDOHC
    • Kornchits
  • Open Crew  ·  11 members  ·  Last active

    Comunidad de jugadores en platforma Playstation con mas de 5 años de historia. Nacimos en Gta V y estamos en muchos otros juegos.

    • Hitman
    • Chaarly23
    • Philip Goodrich
    • M000000PER
    • Moysandrea_YT
    • Recep2000
    • Baldysak1987CZ
    • Waxman __007
    • Kansu
    • ZHC Zaxy
  • Open Crew  ·  11 members

    This is merely a sample crew for rsc.net. Anyone can join here to test the website features we offer to Rockstar crews.

    • Fierce God
    • Mww809
    • JustHatched
    • VibrantNutria26
    • Philip Goodrich
    • RSCnet
    • D-Rocks
    • Baldysak1987CZ
    • Hepik
    • Ryxze
  • Open Crew  ·  11 members

    A crew that started off originally in 2013 as Insanity Enterprise in the run-up to GTA Online's launch, as one man's desire to have a custom T-Shirt no one else in GTA Online would ever have. Having seen GTA Online evolve over five and a half years, over $60m in his bank thanks to owning and mastering every business, on the cusp of a mandatory IRL hiatus, Zak Ras started to recruit a variety of low-ranking and high ranking crewless players en masse, to try and unite divided players into being able to assist each other survive and prosper in the wild west of GTA Online, through whatever means necessary. From Contact Missions to Heists. From Biker Businesses to Nightclub Cargo. From freeroam fun to Criminal Mastermind Challenges. Anyway to make money, this is the crew that wll always have someone to have your back. (P.S. As Leader, I will always take a 0% split in any crewmates Heist - Zak Ras)

    • Tripptherip7974
    • mjspence_19
    • hermann2x
    • Philip Goodrich
    • Zak Ras
    • Bacsa21
    • Ntokozo Khoza
    • GTBOSS500#6488
    • Baldysak1987CZ
    • thrasher1012756
  • Open Crew  ·  5 members

    We are the Red 8's! The Ultim8 Race Crew. We are brothers of RIDE, PROS, GOAT, COXI, KOBI, ASRA! SEE you on the track.

    • Bishtournaments.com
    • chuckyrlaw
    • Hitman
    • Baldysak1987CZ
    • Trev
  • Open Crew  ·  2 members

    Sons of Chaos MC are a friendlyish Club. We enjoy light RP, protection runs and riding around Los Santos. If you would like to become a Hangaround. Please contact Cutty or Ghost.

    • Cutty
    • Ghostavelli_
  • Read Only Crew  ·  1 member

    Professional Boozers, Professional Assholes

    • boozr0wney
  • Public Crew

    This is Con's original crew that is still open publicly and can be used to test custom paint jobs and such, so you don't have to start your own crew just to do so. Just join and ask Con for Admin permission.
  • Read Only Crew  ·  1 member

    State police officials
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