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About This Crew

A crew that started off originally in 2013 as Insanity Enterprise in the run-up to GTA Online's launch, as one man's desire to have a custom T-Shirt no one else in GTA Online would ever have. Having seen GTA Online evolve over five and a half years, over $60m in his bank thanks to owning and mastering every business, on the cusp of a mandatory IRL hiatus, Zak Ras started to recruit a variety of low-ranking and high ranking crewless players en masse, to try and unite divided players into being able to assist each other survive and prosper in the wild west of GTA Online, through whatever means necessary. From Contact Missions to Heists. From Biker Businesses to Nightclub Cargo. From freeroam fun to Criminal Mastermind Challenges. Anyway to make money, this is the crew that wll always have someone to have your back. (P.S. As Leader, I will always take a 0% split in any crewmates Heist - Zak Ras)

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